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Word Cross 2.6

Word Cross is an original and challenging crossword, but in reverse (See all)

Word Cross is an original word game developed by Shockwave, that challenges you to complete a tricky crossword but in reverse! That is to say, you are given the words, but what you need is to find the right place to make them fit in the crossword.

You have two ways of completing a level, one by placing the words in their correct tile, the other, by guessing the hidden phrase. To help you during the game, there is the hint button, which will highlight the right place for your words, as well as the undo button. If in the middle of the game, you manage to guess the phrase, go and click the Guess Phrase button. If it is correct, the level is automatically completed.

There are two game modes available, timed and timeless, which you can select according to your mood or expertise. You can play the timeless mode if what you are looking for is to relax, as you can take your time to complete the crossword. On the other hand, if you want to have fun and want more excitement, try the timed mode, which will give you less than two minutes to complete the whole crossword and guess the phrase.

Word Cross is really fun and addictive, crossword fans will love it!.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Fun and challenging
  • Good Graphics
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